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Merman Tiun began his journey in 2012. Before he knew his brand blew up in ways, he could never have imagined that he would become famous. He realized that he was not able to do it hiself any longer. It takes a village to make the dreams a reality. He would like to introduce you to his team! Here's the talented individuals that make all this journey possible.

Tiun Mermaid Tail Care and Instructions

When wearing your Tiun mermaid tail it is important to follow these steps below: insert monofin into tail, slip feet into pockets, pull tail up.

Wearing your Tiun mermaid tail. First, roll the tube, or waist of the tail down, until you reach the flipper casing/monofin. Second, insert your feet into the monofin and secure the foot pockets. Third, carefully unroll and pull up the waist of the tail until it is in place. If you are swimming in the tail and you experience any slippage try wearing swimsuit bottoms underneath and tucking the waist into them.

Cleaning your Tiun mermaid tail. After swimming in your mermaid tail remove the flipper (if possible) and hang it to dry. When cleaning your tail it is best to hand wash by its self. Use cold water and hang the tail to dry. Do not dry in the dryer or use hot water, shrinkage may occour or color may fade and heat will damage the material.

Storing your Tiun mermaid tail. Lay flat and fold long ways in half. Then, starting at the top of the waist, roll downward to form a neat little bundle at the end, or hang your tail by the waist from a coat hanger.

Repairing your Tiun mermaid tail. Tiun company is not responsible for damages done to the tails by wear and rub while swimming and standing, some damages can be repaired for an additional fee. Please send us an email at info@tiun.co with an image of the damage done to the tail and we will let you know if it can be repaired and the cost for the repair.

NOTE: As with any material, fabric, rubber, plastic or even metal, tails may be damaged by harsh chemicals and/or abrasive surfaces. Tails are made of spandex materials. Any specialty clothing can be damaged by rough surfaces and rubbing. Remember to be gentle with your mermaid tail.

CAUTION: Adult supervision required. Do not use where water is too deep for ability. Whether proximate or remote, there may be a risk or injury. Tiun company assumes no liability from the use or misuse of product.

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