Mermaid Washing Balls
Mermaid Washing Balls

Mermaid Washing Balls

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What are mermaid washing balls?

New washing ball plus or mermaid washing balls are an evironmentally friendly product for doing the laundry without using detergents.

Washing principle of new washing ball plus

If you put the new washing ball plus inside the laundry bucket filed with water and laundry, ionization action will take place. Here, water changes into mineral water with alkalinity and gains strong detergency (surfactant) that it seperates and removes stains from fabric without using detergent.

How to use mermaid washing balls

When using washing maching

  • Put laundry and new washing ball plus inside and fill water inside.
  • Soak for 30 minutes when using general washing machine.
  • This time for ionization reaction.
  • Don't forget wash, rinse, and spin dry 2 times.
  • Take the laundry out and leave washing ball inside.

Best way to use

  • Use 10% of usual quantity of general detergent for the first 7 days to clean the washing machine.
  • You can do the washing right away but the effect of washing will increase if you use the soak and wash function more than 30 mins.
  • Rinse new washing ball plus with lukewarm water few times once every 15 days and dry in the sunlight for more than 2 hours for better cleaning power.
  • Do not put too much laundry to secure the activity space of new washing ball plus.